Introduction to chatbot – $XXX

Learn chat bots by “doing”

Lots of people are thinking on how they can use chatbots in their organization. We have made a service that combines learning and doing.  

Step 1: Add information about your chatbot to our Virtual Assistant

Step 2: Kick-off on Google Hangout

We do a  1 hour Google Hangout and discuss your chat bot and what we can prototype. Based on this we will sign the agreement and start working.

Step 3: “Prototyping”

We will start prototyping and show you how it is proceeding. You will also contrinute yourself with editoral texts and get insight in Google’s own Bot platform. We will set-off 10 hours work to do the prototyping and focus on your USPs.

Steg 4: Sum-up on Google Hangout

In the last step we will sum up the prototype and discuss what is needed for on editorial level and development level to get the prototype into a MVP.